суббота, 27 марта 2021 г.

In the suburbs, tankers demonstrated underwater driving

The tankers moved with a dive to a depth of 5 m. According to the press service of the CJSC, the servicemen worked out actions in the event of a flooding of a combat vehicle, as well as oxygen starvation, damage from poisonous substances and an explosion wave.
“When passing through a water obstacle, the crews of T-80 tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles are equipped with individual rescue equipment and isolating gas masks designed to evacuate the crew in case of an emergency situation, which allow a person to spend about 1 hour under water,” it is noted in the message.
Also, the BMP-2 crews worked out various methods of overcoming the vododrome, in particular, exercises on entering, exiting the water and driving afloat.
Earlier in late July, Argentine journalists from the Clarin newspaper  wondered how Russian T-72B3 tanks overcame a 5-meter-deep water barrier. They called the tank "an unprecedented lethal weapon," comparing it to a submarine.

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