суббота, 27 марта 2021 г.

Reserve: vintage air defense of Mongolia shown on video

An interesting video of the exercises of the 326th anti-aircraft missile division of the Mongolian army appeared on the Web. It is unlikely that so many Soviet military equipment can be seen anywhere else at once.
Despite the fact that the battalion is an anti-aircraft missile, there is mainly artillery in the frame. The only exceptions are the Strela-1 short-range air defense systems based on the BRDM-2 (two rarities in one). In the frame were the firing of a battery of 57-mm guns of the C-60 complex of the 1950 model, Dambiev writes.
Also presented are the Shilka anti-aircraft self-propelled guns with a quad 23-millimeter cannon (in Syria, this machine is successfully used for ground targets, earning the nickname "Infernal Thresher"), its clothed version - a twin towed ZSU-23-2 installation and a lot of other ancient equipment ... For example, the ZSU-23-2 is towed by the ZIL-131 trucks, already forgotten in the Russian army.

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