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South Korean Five-Year Defense Development Plan

At the same time, total spending on procurement and R&D in five years should be 100.1 trillion won (85 billion dollars) and in the annual defense budget should increase from 16.7 trillion won (14 billion dollars) in 2020 to 23.6 trillion won. ($ 20 billion) in 2025. The number of personnel of the South Korean armed forces will be reduced from the current 555 thousand people to 500 thousand people by the end of 2022. In the ground forces, the directorates of two army corps and three infantry divisions will be disbanded, but the Air Force and Navy will be slightly increased. At the same time, the number of civilian personnel of the armed forces is planned to increase from the current 47 thousand people to 60 thousand people in 2025.
A significant increase in the number of cruise and ballistic missiles, the creation of a multilevel missile defense system, and the creation of a missile attack warning system are named among the priorities of the procurement policy. It is planned to create a long-range air defense system L-SAM, as well as a short-range missile defense system similar to the Israeli Iron Dome to protect Seoul from possible missile and artillery strikes.
For the ground forces, it is planned to purchase K2 tanks, K806 / K808 wheeled armored personnel carriers and new ALH light combat helicopters. It is planned to create a modernized 155-mm self-propelled howitzer K9A1 with an automatic loading system, corrected missiles for 230-mm MLRS, as well as new operational-tactical missiles, including those with penetrating warheads. A set of "digital" individual fighter equipment will be introduced.

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